Data Migration

Consider data migration services if you plan to migrate from one enterprise system to another. It is crucial to have a consistent approach, including data preparation, schedules for ETL processes, data content for migration, data quality, and verification criteria, etc. We are experienced in various enterprise systems, such as enterprise resources planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS).

We also provide database migration service with guaranteed business continuity and minimized downtime. Our experience and approach to custom projects allow us to perform homogeneous migration, from Oracle to Oracle, and migration from disparate platforms to a unified database. According to your unique requirements, we will come up with a detailed database migration strategy.


Our integration process allows you to integrates your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with iCAMPUS. To increase productivity, get new insights, and establish a single source of truth, it is necessary to transfer data among many systems. To do this, standard methods like point-to-point, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), and iPaaS can be used (Integration Platform as a Service).

Installation and Support

We are team of professional IT professionals who provide installation and support for your business. Our services are designed for small, medium and large organizations to ensure the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

iCampus offers installation and support packages for all of your technology needs. We can come to you or you can play with our experts at our store, where you can interact with a variety of brands and tech. We are also available for remote support in case you need it.

Migrating to iCAMPUS system
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